Oak Flooring Trends In Recent Time

Out of all the types of hardwood flooring oak continues to be the most demanded one due to its advantageous features. The most important feature of oak is that it is available abundantly. Oak floors are very solid and long lasting. Solid boards are more advantageous over engineered ones as they can be refinished several times. Solid boards can also be sanded. You can be carefree about the wearing out of veneer. Defects like warping, and curling can be corrected with the help of sanding in case of solid wood. Refinishing is definitely a hard work, but once done it gives the floor a brand new look.

Now sanding is done using modern technologies which produces relatively less dust. Half of the work of covering up your windows and walls is now relieved. This process even offers a superior finish which was not possible in earlier times with old technology. Firstly the floor is cleaned using a hardwood cleaner. This is the most important step before sanding. One of the most efficient methods is mixing water with latex filler. Mix it well till the mixture is pourable. Then spread it all over the floor with a grouting float.

Two main devices are used in sanding, an edger and a drum sander. Skill is very necessary or the floor can be completely destroyed. The drum sander wears around 1/16 inch of wood on each pass. It is used as a bulk on floor. Sometimes, to level severely warped floors experts run the sander diagonally with a very coarse paper. Usually a sander is run straight wise on the floor. Actually, experts have got their own speciality techniques to deliver their best work.

It is not necessary to always use a sandpaper with grit size of 60 or above. It can create deep scratch on the floor surface. Under certain condition only this much high grit size is necessary. depending on the unevenness of the floor the sander passes are performed. Mostly any stain can be applied on oak. For oak floors an oil or water based finish looks beautiful, also apply weighted floor finish applicator.