Keep Your Wooden Flooring New Forever

Wooden floors have always been in fashion. Its uniqueness and long lasting beauty makes it very popular around the world. Especially in the homes with modern architecture, wooden floors suit the most. There is no comparison to wooden floor among other flooring materials. Installation and its maintenance later needs to be taken care of properly. Wooden floors can suffer from the problem of mold if not taken proper care. To avoid such problem you need to be conscious about the flooring. Moreover you cannot use highly chemical rich cleaning agents as they can damage the look of your floor.

With improper care your wooden floor will become aesthetically less pleasing. Wooden flooring is resistant towards spill stains. However using a paper towel to clean is not enough, you need to do more than that. You should not expose your wooden floor to standing liquid for a long time. This will leads to development of swelling and cracks on the floor. Mostly people underestimate the care part of hardwood floors. If you take proper care you will be surprised with the longevity and appearance of the floor. There are specialized cleaners in market for the hardwood floor, use them.

There are professional service providers as well who can help maintain your hardwood floor. You can hire their service once in every 6 month or an year. It is best to take advice form the floor manufacturer. The place from where you buy the floorings ask them only to suggest you effective maintenance techniques for wooden floor. You must put a check on the weight of wooden tile. Mostly good wooden tiles can support up to 300 pounds per square inch. The amount of pressure your furniture and legs place on them should be within the limit.

It is best to place a felt padding beneath your furniture. It will help in weight distribution equally – less pressure on your wooden floor and hence lesser damage. Felt padding is also good for protecting the wooden floor from scratches. Furniture movement can lead to scratches on the floor, which can be avoided by any underneath surface.